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Dog Training Bondi Domineque
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LuLu VLuLu V
01:10 26 Jun 23
In 2 hours my 6mth old pup learned so so much and Dom has helped me too. Can't wait to see the results with future training 🙌
David CezanaDavid Cezana
22:22 06 Jun 23
Our experience with Dom has been great. Through the 3 sessions and using the training tips she had provided us, we witnessed improvements in our Japanese Spitz reactivity on the lead. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a trainer.
09:18 05 Jun 23
Dom has been very helpful with our Japanese Spitz who is reactive on lead, often lunging and barking at dogs and barks often at home. She's punctual, professional and helped us understand our dog's behaviour and how to encourage him to be calm. We did 3 private sessions and she was fantastic guiding us on tactics that work effectively with our dog. Walking our dog is finally enjoyable and we feel we have tools and resources we can use if our dog does get anxiety on walks. I highly recommend Dom and I wouldn't hesitate to use her services in the future.
Edward RobertsonEdward Robertson
09:23 25 May 23
We found Dom and The Dog Brigade after being recommended to her by (more than) a few people in our network. We are big fans; she brings knowledge, patience and great training (for dogs and people). She helped us with our 2yo reactive whippet; we learnt positive techniques and how to read body language. We're finally enjoying walking with our dog again, we're feeling confident and he is a lot more calm! Dom is so patient and passionate about what she does. We could not recommend her more!
Celine WoldringCeline Woldring
00:43 19 May 23
Dom has helped us with our rescue Amstaffy as he was reactive and unsure of other dogs. Dom was great to work with from the beginning - very patient and always punctual. The training mix of virtual and live training worked really well and enabled continuous progress. She has helped us so much and we've been very happy with the progress that we've made. She has been an ongoing resource for us as we continue our training and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Stefanie le RouxStefanie le Roux
02:16 14 Feb 23
Dominique was absolutely fantastic with Cleo. I gained such great insights and already feel more confident with my training. Cleo is a nervous dog and she was won over and happily engaging with Dominique from the very first meeting. She uses positive and science-based training, and has the clearest understanding of why dogs do what they do. Excellent experience. Your pup is in good hands with The Dog Brigade!
Based on 99 reviews
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Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Domineque and I am an experienced and qualified dog behavioural trainer in Bondi and Sydney Eastern Suburbs and Inner West.

0405 534 034
Dog Training Bondi Domineque first day with archie

Dog reactivity can be caused from feelings of fear, anxiety, conflict or frustration.

I am here to help you better understand the “Why” your dog may be struggling with things in their day to day life, these things may be part of what is eliciting reactive or aggressive behaviour.

Understanding the “Why” is how we help them feel safe, build confidence and learn new associations, this ultimately helps change your dogs behaviours that you are seeing.

I work to support you and your dog on the journey to the better life I know you want for your dog as much as yourself.

I specialise in working with YOU, the caregiver who lives and loves a dog with human and or canine reactivity.

We run one of Sydney’s only Reactive dog classes Join the wait list for Reactive Controlled sessions

How do I know?
Because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

I’ve been the caregiver of a human reactive dog and I know your struggles and fear only too well. I understand how isolating it can be as you make your world smaller and smaller to help keep your dog, and you safe.

I understand the shame, embarrassment, the guilt and the frustration that can come with having a dog that displays reactive behaviour.

As a caregiver and a dog behavioural trainer I’ve learnt some very significant and powerful keys to my success and now I get to share that insight with you.

My first breakthrough was not only to truly understand that my dog was a living, feeling, breathing being but that the expectations that I placed in him, in reality where totally unrealistic, which meant, I consistently set him and myself up to fail.

Once I understood that, and I don’t just mean to give it lip service, I mean to truly and deeply acknowledge my part in the equation everything began to change.

book an enquiry call and we can discuss your needs.

We became a cohesive ‘team’.

It wasn’t easy because I had to learn to put my ego aside, take a step back and learn to let him ‘answer the questions’.

I had to give him the ability to not be okay and to provide for him the situations that would be okay and where I could learn from him, his exact needs.

If we don’t do this, the only alternative is to be in a constant state of frication, frustration, opposition, what ever word you want to put to it and that only leads down the road of suppressed behaviour – this is the road to worsening behaviour.

Breakthrough number 2 was to understand that everything he did had function, he wasn’t being out and out aggressive for the sake of it, no, his behaviour had a function and understanding the ‘function’ of his behaviour is the game CHANGER.

Now my journey is to guide and support caregivers just like myself to navigate and understand their reactive dog.

I want to teach you what I know works and ultimately save you time, the heartache of guilt and resentment and maybe money as you travel down your road to loving and caring for a reactive dog.

Are you ready to understand the function of your dogs behaviour?

If you’re ready to make an impact in your own life and that of your dogs I have the means for you to begin that journey and it simply begins with a phone call.

All my training programs are based on scientific principles of learning theory using positive reinforcement from years of study and experience.

Working with me is not just during our sessions, I am here to help support and guide throughout the duration of our time together. The learning does not end after our session, I will be supporting you in between our sessions to make sure what we do is working for your dog and you.

If you are ready to start your journey and build back the relationship with your dog of trust and understanding give me a call, I am here to help you both.